Team Lead

Work Duties & Responsibilities:

⦁ Ensure that all jobs completed are finished up to high standards of workmanship and quality and are done in a safe and timely manner.
⦁ Run Paver and any equipment/labor to get the job done on time and on budget.
⦁ Have patience and train employees if required to do their jobs effectively.
⦁ Also any time booked off work, must be cleared by management first, including vacation days. Unexcused absences are not allowed.

Supervision Duties:

⦁ Supervise crew to ensure all jobs are completed to high standards of workmanship and quality and are done in a safe manner.
⦁ Review & Co-ordinate Work Orders with Project Managers and even visit sites if possible beforehand with PM so that the project will run smoothly.
⦁ Complete a Daily Foreman’s Report with general production metrics at end of every day, (i.e. Labor Hours / Materials etc)
⦁ Ensure the crew always presents a professional image to existing and potential future clients.
⦁ If an employee fails to not listen to what you have asked them to do or they refuse to talk about it in a reasonable & constructive manner, then enforcing our 3 step Disciplinary Policy consisting of a Verbal warning, Written Notice and finally a Dismissal will occur. Also at any stage during this disciplinary policy an employee can be sent home for the day without pay and until further notice.
⦁ Continually innovate and utilize methods and/or best practices that increase productivity/safety and efficiency
⦁ Meet for every project that is signed to go over and review with project manager what exactly needs to be done on the signed contract and to rectify any potential issues with the client’s safety systems and/or job specifications PRIOR to work beginning. This initial meeting can occur the day before, in the morning in the shop, on site or a combination of all of the above depending on circumstances.
⦁ Any time spent on personal issues and/or non business work related will not interfere with full-time duties, hours of service & responsibilities. Personal non work issues will be done off work time and on weekends when possible. Personal calls must be kept to a minimum.
⦁ There generally is no “gifting” of work areas allowed to any clients unless approved from management. If there is any concern of project boundaries PLEASE consult with the PMs before doing any extra work.
⦁ No Moonlighting/Working for other companies in the same industry during agreement period. Keep all communications, systems, procedures & policies of confidential.
⦁ Equipment is not to be used on any non approved projects without the express consent of the supervisor.

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